Cialis: the best way to treat ED with the least side effects

Cialis, otherwise known as the branded name for tadalafil is a drug that is used to combat the effects of erectile dysfunction but increasing blood flow to extremities (the penis specifically). This increased blood flow increases erection sustainability when a man is sexually stimulated. 

How erection occurs?

Scientifically speaking, when a man is aroused sexually nitric oxide is produced and released directly into the penis enabling the production of cGMP. cGMP is what controls the contraction and dilation of blood vessels going to and from the penis (causing and sustaining the erection).

What is Cialis?

As I mentioned by, Cialis is used to treat erectile dysfunction and to maintain erections. This little yellow pill is quite powerful and should not be used more than once within a 24 hour period. It is recommended that the first dose is 10 milligrams taken approximately 30 minutes prior to intercourse but can be adjusted depending on your response to the initial dose. It is also recommended that you not exceed 20 milligrams in a single dose. Again, do not take more than one dose within a 24 hour period. For those who are sexually active frequently, at least twice per week can lower dose daily; that dose is recommended between 2.5-5 milligrams. This is only recommended for adults 18 and older.

Side effects

As great at Cialis is, it does have the possibility of side effects such as dizziness, nausea, numbness, tingling or pain in the arms, neck, jaw or chest. If you experience any of the above effects during sexual activity you should seek out immediate medical attention. If your erection exceeds 4 hours it can cause permanent damage to your penis so seek out medical attention immediately. Please check with your primary care physician before taking Cialis or any medication, especially if you have high or low blood pressure, have had congestive heart failure or stroke in the last 3-6 months, blood disorders, liver or kidney disease, stomach ulcers, structural deformity of the penis or heart rhythm problems.

Where To Buy Cialis In Gold And Sunshine Coast

There is much research on whether Viagra or Cialis is "best" but it is completely your personal preference, both do similar things for erectile dysfunction. Check with your doctor before trying either medication to make your own decisions. 

How to buy Cialis in Australia?

To purchase Cialis you will need a prescription from your primary care professional, it can be purchased online but is not advised as there have been reports dating back to 2015 about counterfeit Cialis pills. Ingesting fake drugs can prove extremely dangerous and is not advised. Your doctor will likely order a blood test to see what your testosterone levels are currently as well as the functionality of your liver, kidneys, and other adrenals as to not cause permanent damage. Cialis can be what solves your erectile dysfunction problems, talk to your doctor today and give it a try.