Experimental Workshop, Managing Unhelpful Thoughts | March 21

Experimental Workshop, Managing Unhelpful Thoughts | March 21

In last Tuesday’s English speaking cafe, we were grateful to hear the topic of “unhelpful thinking” was so important to you. We have, therefore, decided to further explore the theme this coming Tuesday on how to work with these in mindful, artistic and sometimes, why not, playful ways!

This week there will be less discussion and more experiencing and experimenting. We will begin with a a quick recap of what “unhelpful thinking” is for those that could not attend last week. We will then explore tools that help us disengage from unhelpful thoughts, such as mindfulness and artistic expression, that we can also engage with in our everyday lives. Sharing of any awarenesses will be done in small groups of 2-3.

Hosts for the evening
Hosts for the evening Kate and Thomasina, both studying clinical psychotherapy, will be your hosts for the evening.

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This event is part of DepressionsForeningen’s English speaking weekly meetings, offered to increase mental well being and connection among expatriates in Denmark. Join us for our weekly meetings on mental health, offered in English, in the heart of Copenhagen. Attendance is free of charge, and you can come and go as you please.

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Studiestræde 5, ground floor, Copenhagen.
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