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Making Mistakes & Moving on

Making mistakes is an important part of growing up and learning to live in this world; it is human, and we all do it. Yet, as adults, making mistakes becomes less welcomed. We have higher expectations for ourselves, and there might be some from others too. What happens to us when we make mistakes? Why […]

Communication in Relationships & Attachment Styles

British psychiatrist and psychoanalyst John Bowlby described attachment as the central source to attain lasting psychological connectedness between human beings. Join us this Tuesday, May 21, from 17:00 to 19:30 to learn about how our communication and relationship with others may be influenced by our attachment styles. The presentation will explore how the four primary […]


Are you, or someone close to you, striving for perfection?It’s common to appreciate perfectionism for its drive towards excellence, but when does this trait start to do more harm than good? Whether you see yourself as a perfectionist, experience perfectionist tendencies in certain aspects of your life, or deal with perfectionism in relationships with friends […]

Body Wisdom

What makes us feel safe? How does our nervous system respond to external stimuli? Some situations threaten our nervous system which has developed survival strategies.During this event, the polyvagal theory, and how our nervous system get dysregulated will be briefly illustrated and, through practical experiences, tools for regulation will be provided. Sharing and caring are the main currencies of […]

Speed Friending

Are you looking to expand your social circle and meet like-minded individuals in a relaxed and supportive environment? Then this event is perfect for you! Speed Friending is an interactive and fun activity that allows you to meet new people through short, structured conversations. It’s a fantastic opportunity to connect with others, make new friends, […]

Blossom Garden: The Art of Change

Join us for a transformative journey of self-discovery at our “Blossom Garden: The Art of Change” workshop. We will delve into the ephemeral beauty of cherry blossoms and draw inspiration from zen philosophy. After a brief introduction, we will embark on a visually meditative experience, inviting you to immerse yourself in the present, complemented by […]


What is self-compassion? And why is it so important in promoting personal mental well-being? Let’s try to explore it together, with practical ideas about how we can train “our self-compassion muscle” together, by sharing also personal experiences, through a brief theoretical framework and moments of practice. HostThe evening will be hosted by Enrico Cappelletto, a […]

Art Workshop – My Life in My Hands

“The hand is the tool of tools”-Aristotle Join us for an introspective, creative and, hopefully, empowering art and connection workshop with focus on our hands.  According to research, the average person touches their phone 2,617 times per day and spends 2.5 hours typing with their hands. And, yet, most of us neglect to look at […]

Mastering Your Mindset: The 3 roles that define your success

Our lives are filled with challenges, and it’s not uncommon to find ourselves facing two or more of them simultaneously, perhaps in the same or different areas of our lives! This can become overwhelming. Not getting the results we desire leaves us with a feeling of frustration, and getting stuck can lead us to feelings […]

New Topic: Superstitions vs magical thinking

“Step on a crack, break your mother’s back” Maybe you were that child who delayed pedestrian traffic, never stepping on any pavement cracks, and walked around rather than under ladders. Or maybe you are an adult who still does. But how attached are you to these behaviors and would not abiding by them result in […]