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Art Workshop – Action Boards

NOTE: ūüôā This Workshop is on Sunday the 25th of February at 10am-14am

If your mind can conceive it, and¬†your heart can believe it – you can achieve it”. –Muhammed Ali
Action Boards, embody the necessity of action towards making our visions a reality. 
– “Images track instantly to your brain’s visual centres, bypassing conscious thought, which means the brain’s filtering system can’t edit them out¬†or dismiss them. They are emotive and symbolic, inspiring energy and action in the real world”, writes neuroscientist¬†Dr. Tara Swart, author of the bestselling book “The Source”.¬†

The repetitive act of looking at these boards, Dr. Swart adds, strengthens the neural pathways that lead us into turning dreams into actions. The tactile act of creating the vision boards in real life rather than digitally, further strengthens these pathways. 

Join us for a Sunday of rolled up sleeves, cutting, placing, pasting and connecting. A short introductory presentation will instruct in some of the dos and don’ts of action boarding.¬†

What to bring:
Images / magazines: Though some magazines¬†will be available, you are encouraged to use what you already have at hand, including printed images from the internet that “speak to you”, even if you are not entirely sure why yet.¬†

Lunch РThough coffee, tea and light snacks will be available, the workshop falls during lunch (and part of your action board may include nourishing your body better). 

Host for the evening
The workshop will be hosted by Artist / Architect and mental health ambassador Agnija Rubene and Clinical Psychotherapist Aglaia Michelaki.

For information about the event, you can call or write an SMS to us at the Café at +45 91 89 88 88.

Caf√© Blom, Studiestr√¶de 5 ground floor, 1455 K√łbenhavn K.

Price: Free – welcome! <3

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februar 25, 2024


Kl. 10:00 –


Café Blom, Studiestræde 5
– 1455
K√łbenhavn K

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