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Are you, or someone close to you, striving for perfection?
It’s common to appreciate perfectionism for its drive towards excellence, but when does this trait start to do more harm than good? Whether you see yourself as a perfectionist, experience perfectionist tendencies in certain aspects of your life, or deal with perfectionism in relationships with friends or family, this workshop is for you.

Why can Perfectionism be a Problem?
When perfectionism gets out of control or becomes obsessive, it can harm you both professionally and personally.

In this evening, we will explore some elements of perfectionism and share moments of reflection on the topic, also welcoming new insights and coping strategies from other participants.

Facilitating the evening will be Enrico Cappelletto, a clinical psychologist who works in Copenhagen.

Free for newcomers and contributors

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About the English-speaking Café: Weekly workshops on mental health:
Join us each Tuesday as we delve into a new topic aimed at enhancing mental well-being and fostering meaningful conversations among expatriates in Denmark. Our focus centres on personal development, engaging in enriching conversations, and finding pathways through personal experiences of stress, anxiety or depression and similar states of mind.

You will find us in our social café, in the heart of Copenhagen, Café Blom, Studiestræde 5, providing a supportive space for open dialogue and shared experiences. We invite everyone to join us in this journey of growth and connection through conversation.

Event overview


maj 14, 2024


Kl. 17:00 –


Café Blom, Studiestræde 5
– 1455
København K

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Price: Free of charge for newcomers and contributors

Become a contributor and get access to more than 45 Tuesday workshops per year:click here.

Notice: Price if you are not a newcomer or a contributor: 75 kr. Pay here: click here

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