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Saying No Without Feeling Sorry

Unfortunately, we are fully booked
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A Workshop for 6-8 participants on People Pleasing and Making Space for Yourself

If you tend to put everyone’s needs before your own, and maybe find yourself apologizing when you finally choose to do something for yourself – Then join us in breaking the cycle of overly pleasing others. Join us for a transformative 1-day workshop designed to explore and empower your self-expression and redefine your personal boundaries. 

Embrace the Power of ‘No’
In our sessions, we will discover the art of refusal without the burden of guilt. We will explore the way we can assert our needs with confidence and clarity.

Boundary Building
Uncover the importance of setting healthy limits. Dive into interactive exercises that will teach you to identify, communicate, and maintain your personal boundaries.

Self-Discovery and Expression
Engage in self-reflective activities that prompt you to discover and recognize your true needs. Hone the skills to articulate them, honoring your authentic self.

Cultivate Self-Compassion
Nurture a loving relationship with yourself through practice of self-care. Discover strategies to be kinder to yourself when facing life’s challenges.

This Workshop is For You If You:

  • Frequently find yourself saying ‘yes’ when you want to say ‘no’
  • Struggle with guilt when prioritizing your own needs
  • Wish to develop a clearer, more assertive communication style
  • Aspire to foster a stronger sense of self in both personal and professional contexts

This workshop is a stepping stone towards reclaiming your inner strength, empowering you to make choices that resonate with your authentic self and free you from the weight of people-pleasing.

The workshop will be led by facilitators Raminta Skinyta and Jonas Lillundal, who bring a wealth of knowledge and practical experience in Psychology, Gestalt Psychotherapy, and Mindfulness. Both are nearing the completion of their training at GIS-International and conduct their practice under supervision to ensure the highest professional standards. As associate members of Dansk Psykoterapeutforening, they adhere to strict ethical guidelines and maintain a duty of confidentiality.

Safe Space
We understand the importance of personal comfort and voluntary participation in such a journey of self-discovery. Please note that this workshop is a safe space where confidentiality is paramount. You have complete freedom to share as much as you are comfortable with. We are committed to fostering an environment of respect and voluntary engagement, allowing you to navigate your boundaries at your own pace.

When and where:

Date: Saturday January 20th
Time: 10:00 – 17:00

Location: Studiestræde 5, Copenhagen
5 min walk from City Hall Square Metro Station
6 min walk from Nørreport Station      

Prices for the full workshop, including lunch and afternoon snacks:
275 DKK for students and unemployed individuals who are members
375 DKK for students and unemployed individuals who are not members
375 DKK for members with regular employment
475 DKK for non-members with regular employment

We will send you information about how you can pay when you have signed up.
You will also get information about the option to become a member for 200 DKK and saving 100 DKK on this as well as your future 1-day workshops during the next 12 month.

Contact us if you need more info
For more information or questions regarding reserving your spot, please call or send an SMS to 91 89 88 88.

Remember to sign up
For this workshop, we will gather 6-8 people, so secure your spot today. Use the form under the “Tilmeld dig her”

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januar 20, 2024


Kl. 10:00 –


 Café Blom, Studiestræde 5, st.
– 1455