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A caring community

Welcome to our
English Speaking Cafe

A social café for people with stress, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and OCD.

Who is the cafe for? 

Our English Speaking Cafe is primarily adressed to individuals with depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and OCD. You are welcome to come down and see if it is a place for you. English Speaking Cafe is for everyone: women and men, young and old, as well as family members.

We refer individuals with psychotic disorders or alcohol addiction to seek other offers.

Are you a new guest?

It’s completely normal to feel nervous when visiting our English Speaking Cafe for the first time. Therefore, you should know that we will give you a warm welcome. It can be a big step to enter the cafe, but there is no requirement for you to be social – just be yourself!

On your first visit, you will be greeted by a volunteer. You will be given a tour and hear a little about what it means to be a guest at the cafe. You will then be offered a cup of coffee or tea and a conversation if you feel like it.

After the tour, you are very welcome to sit down and chat with the other guests. You can also sit by yourself in peace and quiet and observe the atmosphere and conversations from a distance. You can also read the newspaper or some of our brochures, theme magazines, or books. Finally, you can, of course, always leave the cafe if you need to process the impressions.

Our English Speaking Cafe has a phone, the number is: 93 63 05 75, which is open during opening hours. You can call to arrange with a volunteer to welcome you upon arrival. 

Our social English speaking cafe 

Join us each week as we delve into a new topic aimed at enhancing mental well-being and fostering meaningful conversations among expatriates in Denmark. Our focus centres on personal development, engaging in enriching conversations, and finding pathways through personal experiences of stress, anxiety or depression and similar states of mind. 

If you’re seeking a space to meet other people in similar situations, finding support, a place to share and engage in conversations about important and helpful topics – our community is here for you. We invite everyone to join us in this journey of growth and connection through conversation.

Activities at our English Speaking Cafe

Our cafe offers a range of different fun and inspiring activities – if you have any ideas for activities please feel free to contact one of our volunteers!


We have several annual outings. During these excursions, we explore Copenhagen and its beautiful surroundings through city walks, museum visits, and other activities the city has to offer.

Workshops and talks

With our workshops, you have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your mental illness. We host mindfulness and creative workshops. 

Social cafe

At our social cafe you can meet others affected by depression or bipolar disorder. Here, you receive understanding, support, and the opportunity to exchange experiences with others.

Upcoming events

Loneliness & Connection

Gain access to workshops

Our workshops are free for newcomers and contributors

If you are not a contributor yet, then get access to more than 45 Tuesday workshops per year by contributing simply 199 kr. per year, which is 4 kr. per workshop

Find us here


Opening hours: 93 63 05 75 Project leader: 91 89 88 88




Studiestræde 5, stuen, 1455 Copenhagen K

Opening hours

Every tuesday

Heart of Copenhagen