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Invitation to try Vibroacoustic Therapy (VAT) – December 3 2022

A proposed new safe and relaxing supplemental treatment for stress, anxiety and depression
December 3 at DepressionsForeningen

Invitation to participate in testing a new treatment for stress, anxiety and depression:
We have invited the company Vibroacoustics and 3 students from the Rhythmic Music Conservatory to DepressionsForeningen’s new café in Studiestræde to offer 35 min. sessions as free test trials of their Vibroacoustics Therapy mattress module and their tailored music.

The treatment aims to provide the following results:

  • Calmer Nervous System
    Non-invasive stimulation of the Vagus Nerve to improve body-mind connection, result in calmer mind, emotional balance, better adaptability to social factors and daily stressors.
  • Feelings of Well-being
    Reduced stress and anxiety, slower thoughts, feelings of peace and serenity, experience of “happy” emotions, and sense of relaxation and balance

The Music
The music explores slow, cinematic soundscapes with a melodic narrative and textural approach to sound. The sound journey experience is offered for free to participants

The Gear
We will provide you with a set of headphones and access to a special type of mattress, also called a vibroacoustic bass module. See the photo below. The sessions will take place in privacy.

You can read more about Vibroacoustic Therapy e.g. here; http://www.vibroacoustics.org/FrequencyInfo/Vibroacoustic%20Therapy.pdf

Disclaimer: DepressionsForeningen recommends talking with your doctor about the treatment if in doubt. We do not know if scientific evidence for the possible benefits of this treatment type will get stronger (or not) due to ongoing research. We support research and further development of new and better therapies.

How long time:
The musical part takes 27 minutes. Add to this the introduction and a survey, bringing the entire session to expectedly around 35 min.

Saturday December 3  with timeslots between 10:30 – 16:20. 

Write your preferences for timeslots when you sign up here: depressionsforeningen.dk/vibro

Studiestræde 5, ground floor – 1455 København K

If you have any questions feel free to contact us by SMS or phone: +45 91 89 88 88

Sign up here:
Important notice: choose timeslot after you have signed up Ingen felter fundet.

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